Our story providing casual staff services

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Our story goes back at least a decade. Looking back now, it can be summed up in one sentence: when an opportunity presents itself, you take it. From logistics to education, the industries may vary, but not how we get things done. That’s our story providing casual staff services.

Early beginnings

In 2010, Carlos Ferri started working with removals and transport. Back then he secured a contract to provide removals services to removals companies in Sydney. Over the years, he got closer to the big players and from owning one truck to managing a few teams and one warehouse.

In the warehouse he managed processes and procedures and started hiring people to get the jobs done. That’s when he knew that hiring and managing staff could be a bigger opportunity for him. In 2015 he established Zapala People as we are today.

Growing and expanding casual staff services

From 2015 and onwards, Zapala People started providing casual staff service. Our first customers were in the logistics, removals and transport companies. The business kept growing and we added commercial fit-outs and property styling to our portfolio. In 2020, we added our first customers in the Education sector, helping child cares around Australia with last minute needs.

It’s all about people

There’s no growing without our most fundamental pillar: people. They are the ones signing up and showing up to shifts every day. We thank each and every one of our staff, which by now are over a thousand people. Their hard work summed over 400,000 hours worked across Australia.

Join a winning team

In 2019 Zapala Corp, Zapala People’s holding company, was awarded NSW Professional Services 2019 Awards by Business Australia. Join our team! If you are a job seeker, click here. If you are a company in need of staff, contact us now!

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